The Holosuites provide a wealth of entertainment for the crew. Using holograms and replicators through an intricate grid of projectors and an advanced holomatrix, users are transported to any place in space or time. Also popular are holonovels in which an entire story is played out by the user. New technologies have allowed these Holosuites to work more efficiently than their larger predecessors, Holodecks.

Star Trek and related marks are registered trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.  The copyright in this material, nor any part of the material itself, or use of the name Star Trek®, are intended in any way to infringe upon any copyrights or trademarks with regard to any of the Star Trek television series or any of the movies or any other licensed use of the properties previously or currently held by CBS Studios Inc. or any other persons or organizations.  Independence Patch based on a design by Thomas Marrone for Star Trek Online: http://portfolio.thomasmarrone.com.  LCARS animations from Adge's Star Trek LCARS Multimedia

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