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The Independence, like other Sovereign-class vessels, has two Sickbays. The main Sickbay on Deck 7 contains the CMO’s office, a dedicated medical lab, six standard biobeds, and one advanced biobed. Main Sickbay is also equipped with Starfleet’s most advanced Emergency Medical Hologram, the Mk. IV. There is a secondary Sickbay located on Deck 16 in the Engineering hull. This Sickbay is identical to that on Intrepid class starships and is often used for routine crew physicals and preventative care appointments performed by the single Doctor and Nurse normally on staff. This facility is equipped with three standard biobeds and one advanced biobed inside a force-field equipped isolation and surgical facility.

For Star Trek: First Contact, Voyager’s Sickbay was redressed as the Auxiliary Sickbay.  For Nemesis, the Main Sickbay was finally seen.

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