Title: Chief Medical Officer

Department / Division: Medical / Sciences

Job Level: III (Senior Officer I)

Reports to: Executive Officer

Minimum Grade: O-4 (Lieutenant Commander)

Commitment: Approximatly 2-3 hours per week

Open to: All eligible crew



  • Must be an SFI member

  • 1+ year as a member of the chapter required

  • Must have OTS certification within 30 days of appointment

  • Must have OCC certification within 90 days of appointment

  • Must become Bridge Officer certified within 1 year of appointment

  • Must maintain 75%+ attendance rate to General Meetings



  • Ability to multi-task required

  • Must be able to work with people of all types

  • Good communication skills are a must

  • First Aid training preferred

  • CPR training preferred



The Chief Medical Officer is responsible for maintaining records on the crew.  Under the direction of the Executive Officer, they help gather information about new members and welcome them into the crew.  They render first aid during chapter functions.

Training will be provided upon appointment.  You must be available to attend training sessions on weekends.  Dates and times will be determined based on availability.


Officers of grade O-3 (Lieutenant) are eligible to apply if they feel they meet the prerequisite and or skill criteria.  A promotion to O-4 will be considered after 90 days in position.



Submit a resume with your qualifications and a statement of your desire to serve in this position to Commander Rachel Wagner –

You may be called for a phone interview.  Please include a desired time you wish to be contacted.

This is a Senior Staff position and upon appointment you must read and acknowledge the criteria outlined in the Senior Staff Handbook.

This is a high profile position.  Only those officers who meet the qualifications will be considered.

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