Another Great Meeting!

Last night was a fantastic meeting! Our crew is now 15 strong and I recieved three messages this morning from interested people in the area. We are starting to pick up momentum and we haven't even started our recruitment drive yet!

I would like to welcome both Lt. Mark Aron from the USS PeaceKeeper and Pvt. Amber Dreiling from the USS Jarech Inyo to the crew as Emessaries from their chapters. Amber's twin sister Brittany was with her who will be joining her as a member of the Jarech Inyo soon. Lt. Aron also brought some members of the local Klingon ship, IKV Nom Hegh, which he is also a part of. Welcome aboard!

We also welcomed a new member who will be joining STARFLEET and our crew - a former sailor who served on the aircraft carrier USS Ranger (which stood in for the Enterprise in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home), Michael Sunsdahl. We're glad to have you aboard!

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