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2017 Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2017 award winners! Each year, we select several members in different categories to be honored for their dedication and contributions to the ship. Some awards are selected by the Senior Staff and some are selected by the ship's Admiralty. Each winner is given a certificate and a medal/ribbon to be displayed on their uniform.

This years winners are (pictured from left to right):

Top Row:

Starfleet - Lt Cmdr Bret Lonsway

Star Cross - Rear Adm Rex Moffett

Starfleet - Capt Marc Wagner

Captain's Choice - Ens Brent McAlister

Warp Speed Award- LtJG Deanna Sy

Enlisted Member of the Year - Ens Jonathan Young

Bottom Row:

Officer of the Year - Lt David Whitford

Legion of Honor - Capt Mitchell Johnson

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