Captain Marc Wagner


Captain Wagner began his career in Star Trek social groups in early 2002 when he joined a newly formed computer gaming clan called Starfleet Xtreme [SFX] as a Diplomacy Officer.  Through his skills not only in diplomacy with other guilds but also in ship-to-ship combat, he was promoted to Commander and appointed Chief of Diplomacy.  


In late 2002, several rival clans began causing trouble for many players in the public servers of Star Trek: Bridge Commander.  Wagner was promoted to Admiral and began organizing allies to combat this new threat and keep the servers clean.  Between late 2002 and most of 2003, the servers were overflowing with combat and trash talk.  GameSpy had to issue full time moderators on their Bridge Commander chat servers due to the problem.  Wagner became Vice Fleet Admiral and Executive Officer of [SFX] in 2003 and led the allies to victory over the clans who sought to bring the players to their knees.  This conflict became known to those who were there as the Bridge Commander Clan Wars.


After the war, Wagner helped to found the Bridge Commander Clan Council - a "United Nations" for the clans playing the game to unite in order to prevent such a conflict again.  By this time, however, the war had taken its toll and the servers were sparsely populated.


In 2004, Wagner had left [SFX] along with several others to found a new clan to prepare for the newly announced Star Trek: Online.  They desired a different kind of gaming experience than the one offered by [SFX] - which had started playing non-Trek games and changed its name to Striving For eXcellence.  Wagner was appointed to lead this new clan - which they named Star Trek Xtreme [STX] - with a unanimous vote by the founding members for his experience and ability to lead and was given the rank of Fleet Admiral.


For the next 8 years, Wagner led [STX] through many gaming ventures and events.  [STX] thrived on it's family style atmosphere and solid command structure with members from all over the world.  They even organized a group meet-up at the 2010 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.  In 2011, Wagner retired from full-time online gaming to focus on work and family.


In 2014, Wagner and his wife Rachel began the planning of a new Star Trek group - one which would meet locally instead of online.  They decided to found a new meeting club in Sacramento, CA.